Pranlobha Kalajian's Homepage

_MG_3245.jpgHi, My name is Pranlobha. That's me in the blinding yellow sweatshirt. I'm 23 years old and I was born in Seattle, Washington in America. I am happy to be American, but I also feel that, in Sri Chinmoy's words, we are all "citizens of the world". The more I travel to different countries and connect with individuals, the more I am amazed at the depth of understanding and capacity we all have to love each other. This is something that we have inside of us, and are always striving to achieve. I think that this is one of the ways in which our world will be transformed into a world of harmony.

In 2010, I participated on the Asian leg of the World Harmony Run. We started in Hiroshima, Japan and ran through South Korea, China and across Mongolia. It was a profound and wonderful experience for me. To read a detailed article about my experiences running with the World Harmony Run in Mongolia, click here.


In February of 2011, I hit on the idea of climbing Mt. Rainier and bringing the Harmony Run Torch to the summit. I didn't know a single thing about mountain climbing to save my life, and had to start from the utter beginning. My dear friend, Nimdoma Sherpa decided to climb with me. She is from Nepal, and she holds the record as the youngest woman in the world to have climbed Mt. Everest, at 17 years old. When she heard that I was planning to climb Mt. Rainier, she flew over to Seattle three months beforehand, and we set to work on all the preparations. Two more of my friends joined us; Gautami from Ottwawa and Rupasi, also from Seattle. We trained hard! I can myself admit to spending over five months obesessing over the details of training, planning, equipment, permits, fees, safety training...etc. On July 5-6th, we finally made the climb. It was during literally the ONLY two days of good weather for at least a month. The climbing itself was obviously an incredible experience in itself, but when we made it to the summit, I was speechless with joy, gratitude and bewilderment. I really like mountain climbing a lot, and I'm considering some smaller, easier climbs in order to gain more experience over time.


(Pranlobha, Gautami, Nimdoma and Rupasi (photographer) at the summit of Mt. Rainier. The summit is 14, 410ft. tall.)

I love music, and I have been a self-styled pianist for 11 years. I like to compose music, as well as creating music arrangements of Sri Chinmoy's beautiful song melodies. In August of 2011, my good friend Bhoiravi and I started a young women's music group. We arrange some of Sri Chinmoy's songs with female vocals, piano and voilin arrangements. The group is called Sunrise-Progress-Light.

Please visit my photo gallery sometime! Included are photos of the above mentioned Asian World Harmony Run and Mt. Rainier climb, along with other trips I have taken to different countries around the world.